Welcome to Trakcrete Canada, At Trakcrete we strive to provide the best in cost saving and traction solutions to increase your herd comfort, safety, and most importantly production. At Trakcrete we offer a number of concrete products and solutions that will not only reduce cull rates, but can also increase production by increasing feed intake and livestock comfort.

For traction solutions, not all floors are the same, so therefore there are different techniques that can be used in different circumstances to provide long lasting results to maximize herd health and safety. Some operations lose upwards of 1 cow per month due to injury caused by slipping and falling on the concrete floors. That is a massive and unnecessary expense annually in livestock replacement cost and lost milk production. With our proven services we are able to cut that modestly by 50% and in most cases much higher.

Safety surfacing is by far the most effective solution to combat slippery surface as it provides full coverage solution. Due to the size of the machines we are able to get in to the return alleys, holding areas, crossovers, alleys, decks, and just about anywhere wider than 2′

Based in Central Alberta we are quickly expanding to cover Western Canada. Our services include Safety Surfacing, Grooving and just recently we are now a Farmers Farmacy dealer and providing full install packages on epoxy coating products. Follow the link to learn about Farmers Farmacy


Please see list of services and information below and check out our gallery page.


Safety surfacing

Safety Surfacing is a milling process providing a full coverage traction solution. By covering the entire surface we remove the smooth slippery areas on new and old barns that develop from years of cow traffic and scraping. Unlike our competitors we do not just lightly rough the floor up. Our goal and technique is designed to create a mini grooved profile that livestock instantly respond to. It is truly the most effective service we offer. It can be done over worn out grooves, parlor decks, holding areas, cross overs, alley’s, and just about anywhere you have cement with livestock.

Cull Rate reduction
Foot and leg injuries reduced
Hoof trimming costs reduced
Payback in as little as 7 months



Groove dimensions should be precise to maximize traction, reduce claw wear, and minimize lameness

Width: 0.5 inches (1.3 cm)  |  Depth: 3/8″ inches  | Spacing: 4″  inches on center

Concrete should always be grooved in the direction of cow traffic. Concrete grooving provides a durable long lasting traction solution.

We cut 1/2 inch machine grooves in a variety of patterns to provide optional traction.

-Diamond Grooving-

-One Way Grooving-

-Herring Bone Grooving-

And soon to add will be

-Mini Grooving-

-Rubber Grooving-


Equalization / Epoxy Coatings

The newest service Trakcrete offers is epoxy coatings for a number of applications including feed bunks, poultry barns, robot rooms, and tank rooms etc. We are now a Farmers Farmacy dealer in MS Coating products providing installation packages for the floor coatings. We will be providing supply and install packages as well as install only for those who have purchased the product but simply haven’t found the time to install. Prices range based on age of barns and the amount of deterioration in the aggregate caused by acids in the feed and wear over time.

Advantages seen as soon as 2 days afterwards with payback in as little as 10 months.

  1. Herd sorts less
  2. Less feed waste as livestock will clean off the smooth clean surface
  3. Increase in feed intake
  4. Along with better feed intake comes increase in milk production immediately
  5. As it is similar to dishing feed out on a nice clean plate it reduces or eliminates bacteria growth, cutting feed heating issues.


        We understand we can not tie up head space for long periods of time so we use an approach that works for you and the layout. We will always try to only close 1/2 of the available head space to the active groups, this allows us to get the job done while allowing the herd to access feed throughout the process. We will then allow a day in between sessions allowing for a full feeding between sessions causing the least disruption to milk production possible.

  1. Power wash and clean floor using MS Cementex to remove built up residue and grime from pores, cracks, and pitted areas.
  2. Prepare floor surface using a variety of milling techniques,  floor shaving, and diamond tooling to remove rough spots, rotted concrete, and residue to expose bond-able surface.
  3. Measure and tape out designated area.
  4. Mix and apply primer coat (Allow dry approximately 45 mins)
  5. Mix and apply equalization coating to desired rate. (Minimum of 0.2 application)
  6. Recommended curing time is 36 hrs from application.
















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